Don’t make me think of Bat Country at both gigs of the last tour I’ve been to he fucked up the songs (fortunately this was the only song he fucked up, I think he also fucked up WTTF once but well it wasn’t that obvious)

Bat country, really? Oh my god hahaha. One song he always mess up is Critical Acclaim, for some reason he just can’t get “excuse the obscene, ignore the untrue” and “generous hypocrisy” right

He always mess up one or two songs and it’s like aw no baby it’s okay it’s fine don’t worry about it

and at the same time it’s like you wrote the songs matt what are you doing

I totally know what you mean. I wanted to record Welcome To The Family but someone next to me didn’t know the lyrics so he confused me all the time and you can even hear that #goodtimes

Hahahah that’s great. Although I don’t think Matt really knows the lyrics to welcome to the family either 

I’m watching the video I recorded when they played buried alive and holy fucking shit I can hear myself and it’s awful 

never forget the day when the satan worshiping avenged sevenfold fans sang twinkle twinkle little star in swedish while waiting to be let into the venue

and then a song about writing to your parents from summer camp

the photos in my phone are 99% rats

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